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About Us

Who we are

About us

Vision Statement:

eCore Systems focus is on designing infrastructure for eCommerce and SaaS applications. With experience in building and maintaining cloud and high availability (HA) platforms, the sales strategy will be targeted at Enterprise customers who require a dedicated team to manage their infrastructure needs and provide high availability for mission their critical operations. To offer a complete solution, eCore plans to expand in the area of application development and support along with Remote Infrastructure Management..

Services Provides by eCore will include:

  • Datacenter Management
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Database (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL) Administration
  • Clustering
  • Enterprise Private Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Firewall and Load balancer Administration
  • Core Network Administration
  • Potential Market: :

    There is a huge demand for Cloud and HA platforms which ensure data security, redundancy, high availability which are a critical component on which eCommerce business rests. We will be offering design, implementation and support including capacity management of a scalable environment for eCommerce customers. Our designs involving Firewalls, Load balancers, Virtualization, SAN and clustering will be an ideal fit for HA platforms. Experience in managing infrastructure of eCommerce websites such as online shopping, airlines, social networking etc. has helped us in being able to attract, retain and expand our business in this field. ..

    Financial Arrangements:

    Initial capital required to start the business is being invested by the Directors of the company based on their 50:50 partnership in eCore Systems Private Limited. The Directors have sufficient capital to run operations smoothly..

    Operational Model

  • The operational structure of eCore Systems team is given above.
  • The Service Desk provides 12 hour coverage from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM (+/- a few hours depending on requirement).
  • The L3 team provides coverage from 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM. L3 and management team may be required to stay beyond these hours for meeting and Incident management related tasks.
  • In future, this may be converted into a 24×7 model.
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